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About Us

WARDA Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse (R) was created by Grandmaster Javed Khan in 1998, when a female was pushed out of a running local train in Mumbai, India by a couple of drug addicts who tried to rob her on the local train. Grandmaster Javed Khan created this easy to learn, remember and easy to use counter assault program for women and to help empower them to deal with sexual assaults and violent real-life scenarios. Grandmaster Javed Khan has personally taught self-defense to over 20,000 women through the WARDA program around the world.


WARDA training is conducted in the form of lectures; practical hands-on training, realistic, and dynamic scenario-based training to help attendees deal most effectively against rape; Domestic Violence; Stalking; Relationship violence; Date and Acquaintance rape. 


Thousands of women worldwide have benefited through participation in WARDA training sessions with success stories. WARDA instructors around the globe are dedicated in helping women by empowering them to defend themselves successfully on a regular basis.


WARDA also frequently conducts certified instructor training in the three levels of the program. If anyone is interested in hosting a basic class or instructor level certification course, contact us for further information on this potentially lifesaving training.


Most women think they will never be attacked and sexually assaulted, they only think this happens to other people they read about in the papers. You are very much a potential victim. What will you do when this happens to you? Do not wait. Do not become a victim. Prepare now. If you don't prepare to win you are preparing to lose.

Do not be a statistic.  Join and learn WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse today. Remember "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY."


Contact us today to book a WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R) training workshop.


2021 - Upcoming Training

July 24, 2021 - 8 am to 12 noon
At Grandmaster Javed Khan's Fighting Arts Academy.
2948 Carson Drive Indianapolis, IN 46227.

Contact me to reserve your spot. Very Limited spots.



Personal training available at our facility in Indianapolis. Train one on one privately with Grandmaster Javed Khan the creator and founder of WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R)

            GROUP TRAINING &              CORPORATE TRAINING


Workshops and Seminars available at your location or at our location taught by Grandmaster Javed Khan Creator and Founder of WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R) or one of our certified instructors.



WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R) Instructor Training and certification available for all 3 levels. Instructor Training for WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R) is conducted in various parts of the world on a regular basis. You could host and sponsor an instructor certification course at your location. Continued education and training for all certified WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R) Instructors is also available. Contact us for more information.

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